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Fist of all: What’s Web Design?

Web Design is the process of designing and laying out a web page to view on the internet. A good web design encompasses a good layout, pleasing and eye catching, and easy navigation. A website is a collection of web pages that make up your website.

Zulli can create your website to be 'responsive' - so it will shrink to fit any screen - mobiles, tablets, monitors etc and still be easy to naviate.

How to choose your web designer?

Choose your web designer carefully. Money and time is involved. Websites are a business tool that when designed wisely will

  • Make your business information and products stand out
  • Animate viewers to become potential customers
  • Find and target your market

The web designer should have a genuine interest in your business and products and with that knowledge be able to convey your message onto your internet presence.

The designer should be able to suggest ways to fine tune your content for search engines to index it properly under relevant keywords or phrases. The web designer shouldn't’t go too crazy, the design should always enhance and support your products and services, not overpower them.

Web browsers aren’t the most patient people. If they can’t find what they’re looking for within a few seconds they go somewhere else, to a site more user friendly. The “call to action” should be clear and simple. What should your viewers do? Call or email? Order or complete a form? Read or look at photos? Whatever it may be, it should only be a simply click away.


What’s a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the “address” of your website, the name by which internet users will know and find you with. Most of the time it is highly advisable to choose a name that is connected to your company or business, making sure your business as the ‘brand’ is consistent. Should you have a long name, an abbreviation is more advisable as typo’s can easily occur and may result in persons not finding you.

For Example Zulli’s Webdesign & Consulting has the domain name zulli.com.au. One can purchase domain names .com.au (symbolizing an Australian Website), .com (more commonly known as an international site), or the less used .net.au…

Zulli’s can help you find a suitable and cheap domain name for as little as $25 for a .com or $55 for a .com.au domain name (pa).


What’s Hosting?

A website requires a host to be viewable on the internet. There are many companies that provide website hosting and at first glance they may all look alike, look a little further and start comparing the products and you will notice major differences.

Website hosting is an integral part of owing a website and should be chosen carefully.

For more than 13 years we recommend hypermart.net as a hosting company that has proven to be reliable (99.9% up time), customer and user friendly and most off all extremely affordable. We can arrange you website to be hosted for as little as $60 per year. This will include

- unlimited website storage
- limiteless emails
- easy website building tools
- statistics, and much more.


Content Management?

A website should entail content. Information as well as images that reflect your products and services, information the public sees and reads when visiting your website. Content should be meaningful, convey your services and be kept current. Often web designers overlook the importance of content as the focus is solely on the layout and design and the content is left up to you alone. This of course can work if you know how to reach your target group, how best to describe your services and bring the right meaning across.

Should you be stuck and require your words to be rewritten or images/photos edited to target your audience better, Zulli’s Webdesign & Consulting keeps this in mind when creating your website.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing -
Turning visitors into potential customers

Our websites are user and search engine friendly. We study and understand your business and research the potential sites your target audience would use to look for your services and products and list/link your website accordingly.

Just because you have a website (be it as nice and well planned as possible) will not guarantee people will visit, buy or contact you. We optimize the site for search engines, aim to place you on page one of search engines with keywords, however you will also need to play your part. Advertising, online marketing, getting the word out in the Cairns community will be something you should look into. Zulli’s Webdesign & Consulting works with you to determine and implement a campaign that fits your business and budget, Pay per click for example is fast, cost effective and an efficient way to advertise your website.




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